Craig D. Olson, Psy.D.

Office in Centerville

Many couples come to me with the concern that they are not communicating well, or at all. 

I believe there are 3 kinds of communication/intimacy:  1) Verbal sharing and listening;  2) Touch – For example, hand holding, arm in arm, “snuggling”;  3) Sexual - including making love, or any other form of sexual giving.  All 3 kinds of communication are also forms of intimacy.  All, at their best, involve “attunement", or the ability to tune in or read others verbal and nonverbal expressions of feelings.  Intimacy/communication with attunement includes the act of giving to ones partner.  This gift usually feels good to the giver and receiver.  At best, it is a gift of love, without strings or expectations attached.  This communication or intimacy forms the foundation upon which a relationship can be built and maintained.  It enables couples to weather the harder times, or times of stress.